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In the year 1995, the late Charles Walter Carvin Jr. died and in the year that followed, his oldest son, Charles Walter Carvin III also passed. The five remaining children comforted their mother, using a newly discovered tool of communication called email. 

There was no legacy.com in those days. The family paid a substantial sum for obituaries and had little money remaining to remember their beloved family members with. How sad that when people die, their memory is so easily lost. Can you relate?

It gets worse. It's not just the memories of people. History itself gets lost. The history of just about everything. What gets preserved gets preserved by those with the means to preserve and distribute the data. They don't just own bigger grave markers. They own history. What is the history of bankrupt businesses? What is the history of those who come in second place? What is the story of the many athletes who struggled, but never made it to the top?  And what of the second rate musicians? What of the woman whose love was communicated through stitching clothes and feeding cats?

They are ǥhost stories. They are ǥhosts because their memories are scrubbed. Even from the world wide web - they are erased. Despite the potential of the digital age, they are lost and forgotten. 

This was the driving reason for Ǥhostsurfers.com. It was to digitally preserve all that was real, all that was true, for future generations to learn from and continue to love and enjoy. All of it - not just the victors with the means to skew history as they wished. Us ǥhosts - we would like to see a tragic story turn into a triumph for truth. We do not wish to be forgotten or misrepresented.

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Ǥhostsurfers.com is the story of all of us. And it is the story of the struggle of  its founder, the youngest and most tech savvy of the six children, James Carvin. James Carvin came close. He almost had it all. But almost is not enough. Carvin wanted to build a search engine for ǥhosts. Few understood what the enigmatic business founder was getting at when he said, "we need to fix the Internet."

The Internet was broken. Even when it was new and full of promise, it was full of scammers and bad actors gathering private data, hacking, sending malware, adware, viruses, worms, advertising scams and hooking children and adults on pornography. 

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The Concept

What we were aiming for was a better search engine. The top results had to be fair and unbiased. They couldn't be bought and paid for by advertisers. They had to serve the ...

The Inspiration

The Total Marketing Concept was something that the Internet was capable of realizing in ways our forebears hardly anticipated. But how would it remember them?   ...

The Experience

Google entered the market after the Ǥhost Machine, when Ancestry, Legacy and Find-a-Grave emerged. Facebook superseded MySpace as the social network of choice ...

The App

Combine Bitcoin, Google, Facebook, Groupon, Tomb Raider, Ancestry.com and SnapChat with Pokemon Go to get something in the vicinity of the Ghost Machine app ...